Why Use a Facebook Cover Video?

When users visit your page, your Facebook cover photo is one of the first things they’ll notice. For new visitors, your cover photo can help represent your brand and portray your story in just a few seconds. It only makes sense that a short video can accomplish this better than a still photo.

Video immediately grabs the audience’s attention. Just like in the news feed, a cover video will autoplay (without sound), drawing users’ eyes right to it. This may help keep visitors on your page and simultaneously drive more engagement.

Your cover video will be more effective if it gets its point across without sound, like in the example below. If users click to enable sound, great! But if they don’t, you haven’t lost anything.
Clean lines, lots of white space, and bright colors can all help draw users’ attention. You want your cover video to look great when it’s paused, and making sure every shot is visually interesting helps your page look more professional.

This cover video from Tiffany & Company Tampa, which is obviously most effective with sound, also works well without it thanks to the visual elements that are the underlying star of the video.
"Experts on Building Facebook
Video Covers"
division of
Experts On Yourside & Company
Tampa, FL 33607
Facebook Video Covers
(813) 273-8900
division of
Experts On Yourside & Company
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Yes, I would like to have a Facebook Cover Video rather than a static photo.