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Why Ffacebook Commercials
Why Facebook Commercials

- 79% of Internet Users use Facebook

- In 2018 FB will have will have an estimated 169 Million US Users

- Facebook Influenced 52% of consumers' online and offline with
  purchases- Up 36 from previous year

- 4 Million Small Businesses Pay for Social Media Advertising on

Facebook as audience a Major for Businesses and their Facebook Home Page. Facebook will help you promote your small business. Change your cover from an image to a Video. Use this Cover Video to promote your business as a running commercial. We can produce a 5 Star Review Commercial telling prospects about your products or services and we can create video ads to run here as well.

Depending on your option set-up. When you change the cover page it may notify your current followers of your update, so we recommend you change the video commercial every 30 days.

This is a BIG change and it will HELP you promote your Business on Facebook.
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Yes, I would like to have a Facebook Cover Video rather than a static photo.